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NOVEMBER, 2017Mountain Greenery watercolorFTitle: River Greenery, Original watercolor by Woody Hansnen, 15" x 24

So, what's new?

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Experience teaches me that most of us are a very busy with holiday preparations and celebrations during this time of year. So, I am reluctantly taking a teaching break during the months of November and December. Never fear, however, new classes will begin again January 3, 2018. For more information, including a schedule of classes, follow this Direct Link, or go to http://woodyhansen.com/classes/. Seating is limited.

By the way, I’ve come up what I hope will be a motivational tool to encourage all of this year's students to keep painting during the holiday break. I’m offering a free painting to the student who paints the most watercolors between now and Jan. 3, 2018. I’ll spare you the details, but in short, anyone who too one of my group classes s this year has already been notified, and is eligible to participate. This should be fun!



Image of Milford Zornes book

I also want to tell you about a new, biographical art book on the block about the life and times of well known and loved watercolor painter and teacher, Milford Zornes. The book is titled, “Happiness Is Warm Color in the Shade.”

For those who might not know, the late Milford Zornes is among the select group of artists in the 1930’s known as, The California Scene Painters. Milford lived long enough to do his last watercolor demonstration at age one hundred.

Happiness is Warm Color in the Shade,” traces the artistic success of a man of strong opinions, dogged determination, and perseverance, in other words a true, fine artist.

Ironically, his attributes helped Zornes deal with visual impairment, especially in his later years. Milford’s work ethic provides a model and inspiration for both his peers and for generations of younger painters who choose to follow the life of an artist

This is an informative, enjoyable read for most, and a “must read” for any serious student of the arts. I rate this book five stars out of five.

Read my full review here, or at http://woodyhansen.com/book-review/

Look for “Happiness Is Warm Color in the Shade,” on-line, by way of this Direct Link, or at http://milfordzornesna.com, or ask for it at your favorite local bookstore.



Student watercolr paingting
Untitled , Student Painting by Candace M.

I’ve changed, modified the appearance of the Student Gallery and just added fifty new watercolor paintings. If you like originality, variety, and the glory of watercolor, you’ll be pleased by what you see. With the addition of the fifty new works, the galley now offers a total of 132 student works to tickle your brain and please your eyeballs. You can read about the gallery by following this Direct Link, or you can go directly to the images by way of this Direct Link.



Watercolor painting by Woody Hansen
Title: Evolutionary Tree, 15" x 24" original watercolor by Woody Hansen

The Inlandd Empire Museum of Art is featuring, a special art exhibit titled, A Conversation in the Woods, November 12 - December 24. I'm pleased to note that one of my works (seen above) is included in the exhibition. Opening reception is November 12. 2 to 5 pm. 1334 North Benson Avenue, Unit D, Upland, CA. 91786. For more information, contact Gene Sasse at gene@iema.org.



Original watercolor by Woody Hansen
Title: Manzanar Contradictions, 15" x 24" watercolor by Woody Hansen

Another change. This just in from Henry Fukuhara Workshop organizers, Al Setton, and Shelly Pearson,

“After much thought we have concluded that there is no way we can possibly top the 2017 20th Anniversary Fukuhara Manzanar Workshop. We had the largest number of demos and crits ever, the best attendance ever, the blessing of seeing the largest number of Fukuhara family members and of course the magic that you all bring. This gathering has the amazing quality of bringing joy and love to everyone who comes.
It is with mixed feelings that we formally announce that we will no longer organize the Fukuhara Manzanar Workshop and 2017 will be our last year.
However with one ending comes a new beginning. We do not want to give up painting nor give up painting with you. So after spending the last several months considering what to do, we are pleased to invite you to a new painting workshop in 2018, somewhere else in California where we will explore new territory and create new experiences.
It will occur at the same time of year, i.e. Thursday May 17th to Sunday May 20th, 2018. To keep it simple, it will be limited to 50 artists. As with past workshops, there will be demonstrations, crits, camaraderie, spectacular sites and lessons to challenge your status quo.
If you'd like to continue down this road with us, we will send out detailed information and begin registration in early January.”

For more information, please contact, Shelly Pearson at, michelep11@verizon.net


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Stay well, have a happy Thanksgiving, and support the arts wherever and however you can.

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