"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.– Bernard Shaw



Mountain Greenery watercolor
Title: Joy & Happiness, Original watercolor by Woody Hansnen, 15" x 24"

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This is the time of year resolutions, self-improvement, and new goals are on the minds of LOTS of people. So, I ask you, how many of your resolutions of past years have gone unfulfilled? Why is this? Please read on...

Over the Christmas holiday my daughter mentioned a phrase I had not heard before. It goes like this, If wishes were fishes. What that's getting at is the difference between wishing for a thing versus truly taking action to make it happen. It really is that simple: If you take action, you can see all kinds of success with your painting aspirations, but if you don't, well, join the hundreds of well meaning folks who never start painting, or - more likely - give up too soon.

So, don't get left out. Take action by clicking this link.

Why miss out on the fun of exploring your creativity? There is still time to join my classes. But you have to take action fast. Classes begin January 3rd. As of now, there is only one seat available. In this case I'll keep a waiting list in case there is a last minute cancellation. Hurry, this is the last call.

Whether you have spent decades painting in watercolor or are just beginning, this is the right moment to take action.

Beyond the basics, learn new ways to

Overcome artist's block, unlock your creativity.
Solve conventional problems in an unconventional way.
Defeat a need to draw straight lines. Wobble lines are okay.
Substitute personal creativity for inflexible technical skills.
Effectively use the fundamental skills of the professionals.
Demystify the effective use of compositional tools.
Use tried and true concepts upon which to build a strong artistic future.
Become more sensitive to the power of design principles.

Right now is the perfect time and opportunity to take every possible path to your personal artistic success. . Get details on all there is to know by clicking here


If the above doesn't move you to action, maybe this unsolicited e-mail will. It arrived in my e-mail InBox only hours ago. It's from a former stud en.

  Hi Woody, I was very pleased to see your beautiful Holiday card. So pleased you remembered me.
I have been taking various art classes at Sacramento City College.
I have enough credits now to graduate with an Associates Degree in Art.
I did not take a watercolor class as I felt I had such a good grounding from you.
I took printmaking, oils, acrylic, ceramics, 3 D design etc., but you are the best ... a lot of my paintings that I have on my wall at home are watercolors and did them when I was in your class.
I think watercolors are the best medium. L.S.


IEMA Header

WC Painting by Woody Hansen

Featured at the recent opening of , A Conversation in the Woods were:
John Brantingham - poet & professor Mt San Antonio College
Cindy Rinne - fabric artists & poet
Quinton Bemiller - artist & professor Norco College
Grant Hier - nature poet & professor Laguna College of Arts and Design

Currently featured in, A Conversation in the Woods. Group exhibit. We all are faced with the truth that once we enter the forest we are the forest. The woods are not only the trees and the animals that live there. They are a context, and everything in it, including us, are a part of the context. The artists in this exhibit have brought that sacred truth here and have connected us with the multiple ways we experience the woods. - John Brantingham. Follow this link to view a list of exhibitors.

We look forward to seeing you. Address: 1334 North Benson Ave. Unit D Upland CA 91786
Questions: gene@iema.org or 909-941-3993

NOTE: The painting in the upper left hand corner of the IEMA web site is not given credit. For better or worse, responsibility for the creation of that paintig belongs to me (see above painting).


Paintings by Janet Curti Haines

FINAL NOTICE; For those in the Siskiyou County, California area and beyond, time is short, very short. There are only a few days left to view Janet Curti Haines retrospective. This is a "must see" show. The two images above are both self portraits Janet painted. They are separated by about 40 years. The exhibit is on going until the end of December. So only a few days left for this outstanding exhibition. There are approximately 60 pieces in the show, from some very early work to some more recent pieces. Janet's work is on exhibit, from November 11-December 30, 2017, at the Siskiyou Arts Museum.5824 Dunsmuir Ave., Dunsmuir, CA. Tel: 530-235-4711

Note: Janet and her husband, Dale Haines, are high school classmates of mine. Janet Curti Haines passed away November 24, 2015. In addition to being an inspiring Fine Artist, Janet is loved and missed by all who knew her.


A final reminder for all of us, What ever it is we like to do, want to do, do it now, not later. Procrastination has an expiration date.

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Stay well, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and support the arts wherever and however you can.

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